Respublikinis internetinis projektas „Let’s create a story“

Šiais metais mūsų gimnazija dalyvauja respublikiniame internetiniame projekte „Let’s create a story“. Šio projekto tikslas – ugdyti mokinių domėjimąsi anglų kalba, įkvėpti ir paskatinti mokinius aktyviai, kūrybingai bei originaliai reikšti savo mintis, bendrauti ir bendradarbiauti. Projekto dalyviai – Lietuvos bendrojo lavinimo mokyklų 8 – 12 klasių moksleivių komandos. Projekto organizatorius – Tauragės Žalgirių gimnazija. Šiais metais mūsų gimnazijos komanda (I-IV klasių gimnazistai Ugnė Skurdauskytė, Emetas Felsner, Banga Elena Kniukštaitė, Ugnė Auksoraitytė ir anglų k. mokytoja Sonata Bortelytė) gavo užduotį sukurti pradžią istorijos, kurią vėliau plėtos kitos Lietuvos mokyklų komandos ir sukurs pilną ir išraiškingą pasakojimą. Savo istoriją papildėme ir iliustracijomis. Kviečiame susipažinti:
“The day for the awaited challenge finally came. My approach drew nods from two of my mentors, one of whom used to sharpen my body and the other my mind. Alpheus and Ares they were named, godsent fathers from the skies who always stood by my side, and I by theirs.
“Fire forms a blade, so let pain be your fire,” Alpheus said as he handed me a rusted iron sword. Every time I looked at him, I was reminded of the agony of broken bones – the harsh lesson of his trainings and the reason I was prepared to fight in the arena. The blade sparked flames at my touch, sensing my past grudges.
“Best of luck, Titanicus,” Ares huffed through his tangled grey beard as he struggled to lift a massive leather shield for me to take.
The name resembled my monstrous build, since I was the highest amongst the folk, and perhaps the strongest. Only time could tell if it was true. I raised my shield with ease and moved towards the gate, knowing that I was about to face a warrior worthy of my time – Achilles.
The heat from the battlefield sent a river of sweat and blood to trickle down my brow. I closed my eyes to steel myself before the final battle, feeling my heart bump against my chest. Silence prevailed for a moment, and then chains began to rattle. The gates creaked, and the entire place was drowned out by the raucous applause.
“Molon Labe,” I whispered, tearing my eyes open when the sunrays finally hit me. My opponent stood at the other side of the arena, clutching on his spear forged by stars. His celestial cloak waved in the wind while his bloodshot hazel eyes darted right into mine through his dented helmet. Perhaps he was eager to fight just like me. After all, townsmen dubbed him Immortal for that he was known for his impervious skin, but it was the day for his immortality to fall. My foe boasted before the crowd by smashing the spear against his shield in rhythmic clicks. The sound of metal rang in my ears as battle neared, so I grasped the hilt in my hand and took a step forwards into the sun.
Let the gods guide me to victory.